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I’m a Communist Old Bag 18/05/2010

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Why does Emilia call herself a communist old bag? Because life was better
for her then. Because communism allowed her to escape the countryside and
make a life in town. A comfortable life thanks to her job in factory producing
metal goods for export. The fridge was always full, meals out were frequent,
and her colleagues were always good for a laugh.

These memories are interspersed with the present day and her
conversations with her daughter, now living in Canada. Emilia is now a
pensioner surviving on a pittance. Her daughter tries to persuade her that
things are better under democracy. Emilia disagrees. But little by little she
realises that maybe things were not so rosy after all.

Read I’m a Communist Old Bag to discover life before and after 1989.
To find out how Emilia involuntarily ends up joining the Party, who was the
informer at the factory, why Ceausescu ends up holding crocodiles in the river
Nile and just what is tezic and why Emilia was so glad to escape it.

Read a short extract from I’m a Communist Old Bag here.



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