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Cristiana Raduta 30/06/2010

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Cristiana Raduta trained as an actress before breaking into music with songs laden with desire and longing. She has recently attempted to conquer the English-speaking market with some admittedly quite catchy tunes. But it’s just not the same as her provocative hit “Amor, amor“. The top-notch music video for this song has three themes: ice, Garden of Eden and fire.

And here are the lyrics to “Amor, amor” translated into English:

I look in your eyes, you want to seduce me
You’ll get all you want if you listen to me
Would you like to touch me?
Do you want to hear steamy whispers?
Want to have me?

Amor, amor, amor
I’m the shiver up your spine
A night of love at my place in the bedroom

Put your hand here and feel how my heart beats
Do you want me to be mine?
You’ve dreamed about me so much
Tonight passion
Want to have me?




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