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Boogie on down, Baby! 29/01/2012

Posted by allthingsro in film, travel.
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A while back, I noticed that my recommendations on Amazon had become, well, frankly, gay-er. Amazon was recommending me gay sex comedies and, I think, even gay porn – I didn’t look closer. The source of these homo- recommendations, I discovered, was Boogie, a 2008 film by Radu Muntean.

Now I hate to disappoint my gay readers, but there is no gay sex in Boogie. Not a hint, not a drop. Zilch. Nada. OK, Dragos Bucur does strip off for a dip in the Black Sea, but he goes all British when it comes to getting clothed again. The movie poster is a whole lot more suggestive.

Instead, there is a lot of male banter between Boogie and his one-time friends, simmering resentment between Boogie and his wife (Anamaria Marinca), lots of alcohol, dodgy nightclubs, and some not-too-pleasant hetrosexual sex for pecuniary reward. Seeing it again completely put me off going to the Black Sea coast. What is a single girl going to do there alone, a girl who is very obviously not on the game?



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