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When a Dog is a Chicken 08/03/2012

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Hiking around Lacul Văliug in Semenic park, I took a bumpy road that swung away from the lake and past a few very impressive villas – property porn Romanian style with Alpine influences. One villa even had its own outside bar complete with shading, where a group of men were relaxing over some beers. As I approached the final villa, I noticed a pile of something on the ground.

“Either that’s a blanket or a very large dog,”  I thought to myself.

I moved forward hesitantly. The blanket was a dog. A large, furry, noisy dog. Dog started barking and moving towards me. I stopped. A blonde woman ran out of the villa.

“Nu muşcă! Nu muşcă! E pui! E pui!”

This translates literally: “He doesn’t bite! He doesn’t bite! He’s a chicken! He’s a chicken!”

What it means is “He’s a puppy”.

I am still amazed at how almost any living being of a small size and little years can become a chicken in Romanian. A friend in Lancaster with a growing brood was accused of trying to populate England with Romanian chickens (or little Romanian kiddies).

The Romanian language: the adventure has only just begun…



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