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Romanians say it differently 13/05/2012

Posted by allthingsro in quirks.

I learnt this the hard way. While discussing travel arrangements in 2002 with a no-good boyfriend (Romanian), here is what he said:
“When you arrive at Hauptbahnhof, this girl is going to pick you up in the car and drive you to the place.”
My mind immediately went into overdrive. Who is this girl? Why does she have a car? Where is the place? Why doesn’t the girl have a name? Is she illegal? Is she mafia?
Just think how different it would be if he had said:
“When you arrive at Hauptbahnhof, Bianca, that’s my girlfriend, is going to pick you up in her Corsa and drive you to our cockroach-infested apartment.”
Another example. Another Romanian boyfriend (a much superior find) was telling me about a party he was supposed to attend.
“So, who’s going?” I asked.
“Some people,” he replied.
“Who are they?” I asked.
“They are… people.”
I lost it. All I wanted to know was nationalities, ages and professions. I wasn’t going to ask for addresses, Facebook IDs and identity cards.
The same boyfriend puts this unwillingness to give straight answers to questions down to being a police state for so long. He claims that other Eastern Europeans have the same quirk. Example: a Czech acquaintance was going through airport security. Could anyone have interfered with his bags? Was he carrying anything for anyone else? Maybe. Security swooped down.
Evasiveness is all very well, but it doesn’t help in certain situations. Apparently my former university has been researching how Romanians tell stories – probably without names, dates, reasons and with lots of “I don’t knows” – in order to assist the Home Office. Evasiveness won’t help if you have a visa clearance interview and you can’t explain why your fiancée didn’t tell her best friend about her engagement. It’s not going to help if you’re stopped by the UK Border Agency. It’s not going to help if you’re arrested. Give names, give dates, avoid “maybes” and never simply say “I don’t know”.



1. devildispair - 09/08/2012

Hahaha,that’s funny.Don’t worry,not all Romanians are like that.Only men.I’m also tired of asking so many questions because they are lazy opening their mouths and explaining,dammit!

allthingsro - 12/08/2012

LOL! Ah, so it’s a male Romanian thing…

2. devildispair - 12/08/2012

Yea,kind of,it’s usually used when people are lazy to explain things…and it’s pretty annoying…-__-

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