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Romania’s literary Lady Gaga 06/06/2012

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I love this book: Sânge satantic (Satanic Blood) by Cristina Nemerovschi.
What better introduction than her narrator:
I listen to black metal; I’m an atheist; everybody thinks I’m a Satanist; I’m bisexual, a misanthropist, sometimes just a misogynist; I’m writing a book; I drink every day, and do drugs every week. How does that sound as the start of a CV?
This narrator would no doubt pale at this comparison, but I couldn’t stop seeing him as a literary, male Lady Gaga – too populist, too pop. But he is an über-rebel: not afraid to shock – au contraire, no boundaries – sexual or substance-related, no rules.
And for all his misogyny, the novel is, in my view, a love story.



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