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Asian-Romanian Cooperation 01/07/2012

Posted by allthingsro in quirks.
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I didn’t think it would be this way. In my naivety, I thought that when Romanians started to arrive en masse in the UK, they would form alliances with British Asians. It would go something like this.
Romanian new arrival: “English f*cking sucks!”
British Asian: “I know, brother, we have been saying this for more than 50 years.”
Romanian new arrival and British Asian proceed to lament the British weather, the British women and their muffin tops, the lack of half-way decent swearwords and those annoying, law-abiding drivers.
Alas, it has not turned out that way. In Kingsbury, North West London, the Romanians stand outside smoking and chatting, while the Asians occupy the Irish-themed pubs and Nando’s. Occasionally, both groups venture into the betting shop, but they stay separate.
But there are signs of economic cooperation. Firstly, there is not one but two enterprising Romanian hairdressers operating out of local Asian-run salons. And secondly, there’s the dill.
There are two major sources of fruit and veg in Kingsbury. Kingsbury Market is intimidating and calls for much elbowing. Fruit Asia, on the other hand, goes in for branding, spacious aisles and piped Bollywood music. And, to the great joy of its Romanian clientèle, serious quantities of dill.



1. allthingsro - 28/04/2013

Fruit Asia in Kingsbury has closed down or rebranded as Mir Foods. The newly opened stores sells Afghan, Romanian and Polish food. I shall go on a fact-finding and dill-finding mission.

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