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Even a traffic jam is a business opportunity 31/07/2012

Posted by allthingsro in quirks, travel.
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Travelling by maxitaxi from Brasov to Bucharest, suddenly we slow down. Traffic jam. We edge closer and can hear roadworks. As we approach the site of the blockage, peasants swarm around the maxitaxi offering us raspberries in little baskets.
Almost at the outskirts of Bucharest, we hit another traffic jam. It seems endless. The couple riding up front with the driver get out to smoke. The driver is constantly on his mobile phone (well, he had been while we were moving too, but still). He receives a new call and replies:
“Ba, stam aici.”
Which loosely translates as: “We’re waiting here, u’know.”
Seconds later he stepped out of the vehicle and made his was to the barrier separating the two sides of the road. Another maxitaxi approached, heading in the opposite direction. It slowed down so that its driver could hand our driver a wad of money.
The cause of our traffic jam? A pile-up of at least three cars. But that’s another post.



1. devildispair - 12/08/2012

That happens often in Bucharest.It’s a traffic hell!That’s why I hate it there..

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