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Welcome to Quinzburii, London NW9 21/08/2012

Posted by allthingsro in language, quirks.
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I spotted the following Romanian advert in Mepani News, Kingsbury, London NW9:
De închiriat
Un dabăl în zona Quinzburii lângă Transilvania (cu internet)
Casa este renovată recent (condiţii bune). Valabil din 29 iulie

For rent
A double in Queensbury close to Transilvania (with internet)
The house has recently been renovated (good condition). Valid from 29th July

  • My little source at the Romanian Cultural Centre tells me that Transilvania is a food shop. My other little source (DEX – the authoritative Romanian dictionary) does not recognise “dabăl”, but I’m sure any Romanian in London will.
    It’s the phonetic spelling of Queensbury/Quinzburii that caught my eye. I’ve watched children – English native speakers – struggle with English spelling. I’ve heard an intelligent 11-year old girl state plainly “I can’t read”. I’ve heard literacy teachers come up with all sort of bizarre explanations: “The ‘E’ in ‘tale’ jumps over the ‘L’ to be with his friend ‘A’.”
    Wouldn’t it just be simpler to change English spelling? Rather than exclude kids from reading for life?
    So many of my fellow students at university would say, “German is much easier to spell than English,” and like me, they were all English native speakers. Romanian has a similar phonetic basis for spelling: if I see a Romanian word written down, I know how it should be pronounced (with a few exceptions). I may struggle with the letter combinations and sounds that are unusual for my tongue (ctitor, zmeură, pâine – I could go on), but I can match written letters to sounds easily.
    Down with bizarre English spelling! Come on everyone, hai la Quinzburii!

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    1. Vasile - 25/09/2012

    Just in case nobody pointed it out yet, dabăl is a funny Romanian phonetic transcription for the English word “double” 🙂

    2. Vasile - 25/09/2012

    (doesn’t mean anything here)

    3. sanayp - 12/03/2016

    go home

    allthingsro - 14/06/2016

    Când scrii „Du-te acasă”, la cine te referi? La autoarea? Englezoaică sunt, și aici m-am născut și aici am locuit în afară de doi-trei ani petrecuți în străinătate. La români în NW9? Nici eu n-aș dori să locuiesc într-o Anglie unde străini nu-s bineveniți. Cine ți-a dat voie să le spui altora sa plece din tară, dacă nici măcar o insultă de baza nu poți s-o formulez în mod clar și elegant? Iți dau răspunsul cuviincios: hai sictir, mă piș pe prostia ta. Baga-ți-ai pula în mă-ta, ca să argumentezi nu poți.

    sanayp - 17/06/2016

    I am not talking about you so Sorry.

    allthingsro - 26/09/2016

    You don’t owe me an apology. You owe yourself one if you can’t even dish out a basic insult.

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