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Googling Victor Ponta 01/09/2012

Posted by allthingsro in politics.
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What do Romanians search for when they Google Prime Minister Victor Ponta? This is a highly unrepresentative study, conducted on 25th August 2012, based on the suggestions from Google.ro

Ponta nascut (born) 3,660,000 hits
Ponta inaltime (high, height) 695,000 hits
Ponta varsta (age) 7,040,000 hits
Ponta youtube 14,600,000 hits
Ponta zodie (zodiac) 1,130,000 hits
Ponta Angela Merkel 4,190,000 hits
Ponta fonduri eruopene (European funds) 3,630,000 hits
Ponta Antonescu1 12,500,000 hits
Ponta Nastase 8,590,000 hits
Ponta Basescu 13,200,000 hits
Ponta ataca pe basescu (attacks Basescu) 5,520,000
Ponta Ceausescu 989,000 hits
Ponta Hitler 856,000 hits
Ponta Mickey Mouse 182,000 hits
Ponta pionier (a member of a communist youth organisation) 37,900,000 hits
Ponta CV 3,070,000 hits
Ponta Oxford 1,160,000 hits
Ponta acuzat de plagiat (Ponat accused of plagiarisum) 576,000 hits
Ponta copy paste 453,000 hits
Ponta plagitor (plagiarisor) 675,000 hits
Ponta in presa internationala (in the international press) 1,010,000 hits
Ponta ignorat (ignored) 1,070,000 hits
Ponta amenintat (threatened) 3,000,000 hits
Ponta arestat (arrested)2 6,000,000 hits.
Ponta are consilier american (has American advisor) 675,000 hits
Ponta declarative de avere (declaration of assets) 294,000 hits
Ponta avocatul poporului (the People’s Lawyer) 343,000 hits
Ponta apara democratia (defends democracy) 418,000 hits
Ponta alegeri (elections) 7,960,000 hits
Ponta referendum 10,300,000 hits
Ponta boicot (boycott) 824,000 hits
Ponta revolutionari (revolutionaries) 471,000 hits
Ponta demisia (resignation) 9,560,000 hits
Ponta kamikaze 284,000 hits
Ponta lovitura de stat (coup) 1,700,000 hits
Ponta fan parazitii (Ponta is a fan of rap group Parazitii – “parasites”) 23,800 hits
Ponta este mason (is a Mason) 769,000 hits
Ponta e un magar (is an ass) 196,000 hits
Ponta e un prost (is an idiot) 4,350,000 hits
Ponta e un bou (is a blockhead) 28,000,000 hits
Ponta ofiter (officer) 480,000 hits
Ponta evreu (Jewish) 437,000 hits
Ponta amnistie (amnesty) 115,000 hits
Ponta asasinul (the assassin) 379,000 hits

What conclusions can be drawn from this study? Well, bar the accusations of copy-pasting his dissertation, it’s almost like the 1940s never ended.
Unlike former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, no one suspects that he has slept with Basescu, and no wants to see him naked.

1 Antonescu refers to Ponta’s contemporary politician Crin Antonescu, rather than the 1940s ruler Ion Antonescu.
2 The top search results don’t refer to Ponta’s own arrest.



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