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Perverted first impressions 21/05/2013

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My first impressions of Pervertirea (Perversions or Pervertedness) by Cristina Nemerovschi are mixed. I was a huge fan of her first book, Sânge satanic (Satanic Blood) – even though I freely admit that I didn’t understand more 50% of some of the drug-fuelled passages.

The novel is centred on four characters. Amalia, an adolescent who has disappeared. Ulf, a blocked writer. Corbu, a painter with a liking for Lolitas and older women. And Tara, a dominatrix.

Sometimes it feels like provocation for provocation’s sake. As if ketamine, bisexuality and immorality in Satanic Blood were not enough, Perversions includes Corbu eyeing up barely pubescent girls, and Tara desiring to be strangled during sex and whipping clients – and an assistant on a TV talkshow.

The themes and ethos of Perversions are similar to Satanic Blood: the same misanthropy, the “live for the moment, be true to yourself, f*ck everybody else” attitude. But Satanic Blood had a scathing humour that is, in my view, largely missing from Pervertirea. I’ll keep going though, Romanian-English dictionary by my side.



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