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Top Tips for walking in Romania 08/07/2013

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1) The sky may be vivid blue, the mountains may look inviting. But pack an anorak and a warmer top – the weather can be changeable up there.

2) Take a knife (and fork and spoon). Romania hasn’t really caught on to the “buying a packed lunch” concept. I’ve struggled to find ready-made sandwiches in shops, but if you come equipped with your camping cutlery, you’ll find a range of rolls, sliced cheeses and cold meats just waiting to sustain you on your walk.

3) Carry energy bars. Continuing from the above, the supply of energy bars is even more woeful than the ready-made sandwiches. If your partial to a sugar hit mid-walk, bring your own Kendal Mint et al.

4) Stick to the paths. Detailed maps are in short supply. Romanian paths are generally indicated by symbols painted on trees or stones along the side of your road, such as a blue cross on a white background. Stick to them.

5) Pack a bear bell. Romania is bear country. Some bears are still wary of humans, so a large group merrily chatting along – or even singing – will normally generate enough noise to put off a bear, but a small group of a quieter travellers will be happier with a bear bell rather than feebly rattling a sunglasses case. Unfortunately some bears are no longer human-wary, so remember that a bear bell won’t protect you from all large mammals.

6) Take some small change. If you miss some signs and end up walking off piste, you may need to resort to hitch-hiking, which is still widely practised in Romania. Some people even hitch on their daily commute. The main road through a small town or village is generally a good place to catch a lift. Standard safety precautions apply. It’s customary to offer some money. As a rule of thumb 2 RON will cover one person for a 5-10 minute journey.



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