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On Romanians and Brent libraries 11/07/2013

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Kingsbury, London, NW9, has a distinctly Romanian flavour. There are three shops selling Romanian produce within 5 minutes of the tube station. It’s unusual to walk down the street without hearing a “Hai!”, “Ma!” or “P*** mea!”. God-fearing Romanians have a choice between an Orthodox service or a Pentecostal Church – the Pentecostals even try to recruit new believers outside the tube on Saturday mornings. I used to see Romanian coachloads arriving and departing at Roe Green. (I no longer see them, but I think this is purely coincidence.)

Kingsbury Library is a modest but friendly affair: a single, large room with a range of fiction, non-fiction, DVDs, magazines and newspapers. It stocks a range of languages, but no Romanian books.

I asked Brent Council about this and here is their reply:

Brent Libraries do not hold any Romanian language stock at present. We have started to become aware of possible demand and are looking into the possibility of having a collection.

“Becoming aware of possible demand” is putting it rather drily. Far from travelling to the UK to exploit our public libraries, I suspect that many Romanians don’t realise they’re entitled to use this service. When I suggested to one Romanian that he could find his favourite adventure novels in his local library, he asked, “But won’t they look at my passport and see that I’m not a British one?”



1. Linda Green - 10/06/2017

Next Sat 17th June Romanian film to be screened at Preston Community Library. Details about the library here: https://www.facebook.com/Preston-Community-Library-Hub-142892935766252/?view_public_for=142892935766252 People from all communities are welcome. We have English classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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