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Farewell, Basescu! 25/01/2015

Posted by allthingsro in politics.
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Basescu has left office. The former President of Romania was with us for a good while. During his office, Romania joined the EU and fought off a financial crisis, and Basescu was suspended from office not once but twice. It can only be a matter of time before charges are brought against him, so it seemed like the moment to take stock and see what Romanians search for when they Google their former president.

This study was conducted completely unscientifically on 1 January 2015: I went to www.google.ro, switched the language to Romanian, entered Basescu followed by random letters and noted the search suggestions and the number of hits.

And what do the results tell us? Well, this being 2014, Russia and the Ukraine featured among the top search suggestions, accompanied by the ice bucket challenge and Romanian tennis sensation Simona Halep. Romanians want to know about Basescu’s health, medical record, drinking habits, whether he’s Jewish or a KGB agent, what his star sign is and how tall he is (1.75 metres). Corruption scandals (land purchased in the village Nana, EADS) loom large. But three big themes emerge. Firstly, failed presidential candidate Elena Udrea: her name will forever be linked to Basescu. Did their relationship go beyond politics? Romanians want to find out. Next are his many beefs with Prime Minister Ponta. Their fraught relationship accounts for a good portion of the search suggestions.

But pride of place goes to Basescu’s gaffes: Basescu calling Ponta “dottore” (a quack doctor or charlatan in reference to allegations that Ponta plagiarised his thesis), Basescu drunk at the US Embassy, Basescu drunk at the wheel, Basescu headbutting someone, Basescu hitting a child.

Wordle: Basescu-related search suggestions

If the above linked image does not open in your browser, click here to enlarge.


Romanian search suggestion English translation Google search results
agent cia CIA agent 90,800
agent kgb KGB agent 88,600
agent sub acoperire undercover agent 55,800
alegeri elections 776,000
azi today 2,000,000
basecu inaltime height 112,000
beat drunk 398,000
beat la ambsada sua drunk at the US embassy 8,910,000
beat la volan drunk at the wheel 805,000
betiv drunkard 160,000
biografie biography 108,000
bolnav ill 697,000
cap in gura headbutt 320,000
cel mai bun presedinte best president 450,000
despre iohannis on Iohannis 12,500,000
divorteaza divorcing 60,700
dottore quack 45,900
eads EADS 311,000
elena Elena 539,000
engleza English 219,000
evreu Jewish 69,600
fisa medicala medical records 34,800
flota fleet 236,000
fumeaza smoking 55,600
gratiere pardoning 29,400
halep Halep 12,400,000
huiduit booed 210,000
ice bucket ice bucket 148,000
il sustine pe iohannis supports Iohannis 561,000
il sustine pe ponta supports Ponta 427,000
iohannis Iohannis 2,010,000
jandarmerie police 520,000
jocuri de putere power games 438,000
jurnalist journalist 1,590,000
klaus iohannis Klaus Iohannis 10,500,000
la bere having a beer 539,000
loveste un copil hits a child 282,000
lukoil Lukoil 303,000
mandate mandates 398,000
mason mason 55,700
mto medium term objectives 27,400
nastase 2004 Nastase 2004 196,000
nato NATO 454,000
o sustine pe udrea supports Udrea 2,360,000
ofiter acoperit undercover officer 181,000
ponta Ponta 6,770,000
presedinte president 766,000
prim ministru prime minister 420,000
referendum referendum 373,000
rusia Russia 651,000
si udrea and Udrea 377,000
si udrea amanti and Udrea lovers 70,900
stiri news 4,860,000
suspendat suspended 360,000
tanar young 1,440,000
tariceanu Tariceanu 420,000
ucraina Ukraine 725,000
udrea Udrea 631,000
ultimele declaratii last declarations 725,000
vs mos craciun vs Father Christmas 37,300
whisky whisky 62,100
wiki wiki 123,000
wikileaks wikileaks 511,000
xenofob racist 23,000
yes yes 2,980,000
youtube YouTube 546,000
ziarist journalist 576,000
ziua de nastere birthday 252,000
zodie star sign 331,000


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