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More than a test drive 10/01/2016

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To paraphrase Iggy Azalea, you’ve got to work out whether a Romanian male is worth more than a test drive. To wit, Andrei from Episode 1 of Salvati Iubirea (Save love), a drama probably best described as a scripted reality TV show or simply badly acted and narrated.

But our focus is not the quality of the televisual entertainment but Doina’s dilemma.

Doina is married to Radu, has a son, Matei, and a better-looking lover, Andrei. She has decided that Andrei is the love of her life and leaves Radu for him, taking Matei with her.

Andrei rapidly starts to reveal his true character.1 In a short scene whilst Doina is ironing his shirt, he:

  • criticises her for not being dressed nice (she is wearing sweats and a hoody – and far too much make-up, but that’s not his point)
  • asks her for money to go “bowling” with “the guys”
  • tells her off for talking back

It transpires that “bowling with the guys” means “sex with occasional booty call Loredana”.

But it continues. When Radu arrives for a showdown, Andrei

  • asks Radu for money for looking after Matei
  • when Radu’s money is not forthcoming, reveals that he is Matei’s father, which kind of scuppers his first objective

He then proceeds to leave Loredana a note saying he needs money, cue altercation between Loredana and Doina outside his flat.

Doina, not surprisingly, sees the error of her ways and seeks a reconciliation with Radu, who, no less surprisingly, is not interested.

OK, this is bad TV, but not wholly implausible. Such Andreis exist, perhaps in slightly more intelligent varieties. So take them for more than just a test drive.

Disclaimer: I should also say that some Andreis are gems.



1. Zeftaria - 10/01/2016

If you truly love who you are with, you won’t cheat on them. Simple as that. If you cheat, then you do not truly love who you are with. That is my opinion.

allthingsro - 17/01/2016

In my experience and based on unscientific anecdotal evidence, the principle you cite does not quite apply in Romania.

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