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My online brand 19/01/2016

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I have noticed, perhaps belatedly, that another blogger is using a tagline rather similar to my own. The blog in question is kingofromania.com, billed as “All things Romania”. Given the ease with which our taglines might be confused, I think it is time for me to set out my brand identity for All Things Romanian.

Firstly, my brand is about, well, all things Romanian. That means everything from the totally random and trivial to slightly more important and challenging issues, but mostly random Romanian things. Over the years, I have blogged about Cristiana Raduta, aka the Romanian equivalent of Rihanna, at least around about 2001, Romanian fairy tales, Romanian-Roma relations, the new currency and Elena Ceausescu. Elena Udrea has featured a lot. I have tried to elevate the level of content by translating what Romanians have to say about Romania. And I have done some very unscientific studies based on Google search terms.

Secondly, my blog is not very good. In terms of both content (see above), design and user experience. The header image is something I stole online and used back in the very early days when I had a free page. And back then, my page even had a disclaimer that “yes, I know that this site sucks.”

The old "this site sucks" disclaimer

I knew it then, and I know it now: this site sucks.

How do these brand values differentiate my brand from King of Romania? Kingofromania.com contains some serious issues, as well as a cat video and an inspired video based on the hit “I don’t care”, with informed comment. This is how I keep up-to-date with what is happening in Romania: I go to a Romanian news website, see that someone high-ranking has been accused of abuse of office, maybe mutter a “plus ça change”, then turn to Mihaela Radulescu’s latest public pronouncement. The King meanwhile lived in Romania for several years – I understand he is now in exile – and actually reads serious Romanian journalism, as far as that exists. So King of Romania equals superior content and superior commentary.

That, I think, clearly outlines All Things Romanian’s unique brand identity. I’m sure that there is room in the Romania-related blogosphere for both of us, and we can each carve out our own distinctive niche.

Now that I’ve got really nostalgic for the old days of HTML and CSS, let’s take a trip down memory lane…



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