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About the author

Simply obsessed with all things Romanian. I grew up in Bedford in the UK, studied French and German, and somehow picked up this unshakeable Romanian obsession along the way.

So far this obsession has taken me to Onesti, Sibiu and Bucharest, to cold mountains, tacky discos and a rock concert. My warm greetings to all Romanians (except for Bucharest taxi drivers) and fans of Romania everywhere.  My intention is not to offend.

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1. Vasile - 03/07/2012

There’s no contact information on this entire blog! Ruşine! 😛

Just wanted to say hello, congratulate you on having a great Romanianophile blog and maybe suggest an exchange-o’-links with this fresh project of mine.

allthingsro - 05/07/2012

Hi Vasile! Nice blog and thank for your encouragement. I’ll take a look into getting some contact details up on my site. I’m a bit of novice with these things, but let’s see what I can rustle up…

2. devildispair - 09/08/2012

Heey!It’s really great seeing someone foreign who actually likes Romania.You don’t see that every day.

allthingsro - 12/08/2012

I think Romania does have a few fans. As for myself, I’m not blind to the many problems and downsides that Romania has (at least I hope not), but I still reckon it’s a great country. It deserves much better!

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