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Boogie on down, Baby! 29/01/2012

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A while back, I noticed that my recommendations on Amazon had become, well, frankly, gay-er. Amazon was recommending me gay sex comedies and, I think, even gay porn – I didn’t look closer. The source of these homo- recommendations, I discovered, was Boogie, a 2008 film by Radu Muntean.

Now I hate to disappoint my gay readers, but there is no gay sex in Boogie. Not a hint, not a drop. Zilch. Nada. OK, Dragos Bucur does strip off for a dip in the Black Sea, but he goes all British when it comes to getting clothed again. The movie poster is a whole lot more suggestive.

Instead, there is a lot of male banter between Boogie and his one-time friends, simmering resentment between Boogie and his wife (Anamaria Marinca), lots of alcohol, dodgy nightclubs, and some not-too-pleasant hetrosexual sex for pecuniary reward. Seeing it again completely put me off going to the Black Sea coast. What is a single girl going to do there alone, a girl who is very obviously not on the game?


Romanian Pulp Fiction: Occident 15/11/2010

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Highly recommended film from director Cristian Mungiu. Compared to Pulp Fiction by the Guardian, Occident (“West”) interweaves three stories. In the first, a young couple, Luci and Sorina, are evicted from their apartment. Luci is in a race against time to win back his fiancée before she leaves him for a more promising life with a foreigner. The second story focuses on Mihaela. After she is jilted on her wedding day, her mother is desperate to find a replacement groom. Mihaela’s father, a policeman one week away from retirement, is the central character in the third. He agrees to help track down the friends and relatives of a young Romanian who died in Germany, but he is preoccupied with finding a husband for his daughter and moving back to his childhood village.

If one film captures Romania at the start of the new millennium, this is it. Discover a snapshot of a country in transition and find out just what Romanian policemen get up to on duty.

The Other Irina 24/06/2010

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See it and don’t believe it

Andrei Gruzsniczki’s film, The Other Irina, is a story about hopes of emigration, love that blinds and everyday indifference.

“But I liked her,” says Aurel (Andi Vasluianu), despondent and with liquor on his breath. He sits in a bar, knocks back vodka thirstily and tells his story. He came to Bucharest with his wife, Irina (Simona Popescu), to make a life together. Read the full review of The Other Irina

The true story behind the film California Dreamin’ 18/01/2010

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Village station master angers minister after he stops a NATO train for two weeks

The film California Dreamin’ by the much-missed director Cristian Nemescu was inspired by a true story. Florin Patrachioiu, stationmaster in Pielesti in southern Romania stopped a NATO train loaded with military equipment for two weeks and four hours because its papers were not in order. Traian Basescu, now President of Romania, threatened Patrachioiu, saying that he would lose his job. Read more about California Dreamin’