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Religion non-stop 16/12/2012

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I’ve never been to a Romanian Orthodox service. But it seems that the Church caters for those on a hectic schedule. At the Mitropolia in Bucharest and at a smaller church near the University, women in headscarves kneel or stand – never sit – as priests chant on repeat and sway incense boxes. It’s a sort of religion non-stop: drop-by, drop-in prayer.


Even a traffic jam is a business opportunity 31/07/2012

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Travelling by maxitaxi from Brasov to Bucharest, suddenly we slow down. Traffic jam. We edge closer and can hear roadworks. As we approach the site of the blockage, peasants swarm around the maxitaxi offering us raspberries in little baskets.
Almost at the outskirts of Bucharest, we hit another traffic jam. It seems endless. The couple riding up front with the driver get out to smoke. The driver is constantly on his mobile phone (well, he had been while we were moving too, but still). He receives a new call and replies:
“Ba, stam aici.”
Which loosely translates as: “We’re waiting here, u’know.”
Seconds later he stepped out of the vehicle and made his was to the barrier separating the two sides of the road. Another maxitaxi approached, heading in the opposite direction. It slowed down so that its driver could hand our driver a wad of money.
The cause of our traffic jam? A pile-up of at least three cars. But that’s another post.

When a Dog is a Chicken 08/03/2012

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Hiking around Lacul Văliug in Semenic park, I took a bumpy road that swung away from the lake and past a few very impressive villas – property porn Romanian style with Alpine influences. One villa even had its own outside bar complete with shading, where a group of men were relaxing over some beers. As I approached the final villa, I noticed a pile of something on the ground.

“Either that’s a blanket or a very large dog,”  I thought to myself. Read more about adventures in Semenic and the Romanian language

Boogie on down, Baby! 29/01/2012

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A while back, I noticed that my recommendations on Amazon had become, well, frankly, gay-er. Amazon was recommending me gay sex comedies and, I think, even gay porn – I didn’t look closer. The source of these homo- recommendations, I discovered, was Boogie, a 2008 film by Radu Muntean.

Now I hate to disappoint my gay readers, but there is no gay sex in Boogie. Not a hint, not a drop. Zilch. Nada. OK, Dragos Bucur does strip off for a dip in the Black Sea, but he goes all British when it comes to getting clothed again. The movie poster is a whole lot more suggestive.

Instead, there is a lot of male banter between Boogie and his one-time friends, simmering resentment between Boogie and his wife (Anamaria Marinca), lots of alcohol, dodgy nightclubs, and some not-too-pleasant hetrosexual sex for pecuniary reward. Seeing it again completely put me off going to the Black Sea coast. What is a single girl going to do there alone, a girl who is very obviously not on the game?

Coming soon: Ceauşescu tours! 22/10/2011

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Romanian Tourism Minister Elena Udrea proposes to organise tours of the country’s communist past. These tours – which couldn’t be offered anywhere else in the world  – could be a hit. So says Ştefan Liuţe, co-founder and strategy director at Grapefruit, one of the largest branding agencies in Romania. Read more about Ceauşescu tours

To bus or to train? 24/08/2011

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A word of warning – this information was correct as of 2007.

You’re planning to go to Sibiu, you tell acquaintances in Bucharest. With the bus, you explain. “What do you want to go by bus for?” they ask incredulously. “The train takes 3 hours, it’s air-conditioned. Hell, it might even have Wi-Fi.” Read more about transport to Sibiu

How to survive Otopeni Airport 03/02/2010

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You’re flying into Bucharest and landing at Otopeni Airport. The most important thing to remember is this: don’t take a taxi unless you really, really need to get into the city quickly, and you, or your company, have money to spend. Rumour has it there is an arrangement between the taxi companies and the management of the airport.
For this reason I’d recommend taking the bus into central Bucharest. Discover more about Otopeni Airport