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Farewell, Basescu! 25/01/2015

Posted by allthingsro in politics.
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Basescu has left office. The former President of Romania was with us for a good while. During his office, Romania joined the EU and fought off a financial crisis, and Basescu was suspended from office not once but twice. It can only be a matter of time before charges are brought against him, so it seemed like the moment to take stock and see what Romanians search for when they Google their former president.

This study was conducted completely unscientifically on 1 January 2015: I went to www.google.ro, switched the language to Romanian, entered Basescu followed by random letters and noted the search suggestions and the number of hits.

And what do the results tell us? Well, this being 2014, Russia and the Ukraine featured among the top search suggestions, accompanied by the ice bucket challenge and Romanian tennis sensation Simona Halep. Read more of the Basescu Google searches study