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New year, new scam 02/01/2016

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Happy 2016. Some things change, some things stay the same. Sam cel Roman has reported on a new jaywalking scam in Bucharest. According to reports, policemen are stopping foreigners for jaywalking (which is illegal) and demanding extortionate on-the-spot fines (which is also not legal). For full details, check out his post on Eye On Romania, but quick summary: don’t pay fines on the street.


Religion non-stop 16/12/2012

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I’ve never been to a Romanian Orthodox service. But it seems that the Church caters for those on a hectic schedule. At the Mitropolia in Bucharest and at a smaller church near the University, women in headscarves kneel or stand – never sit – as priests chant on repeat and sway incense boxes. It’s a sort of religion non-stop: drop-by, drop-in prayer.

To bus or to train? 24/08/2011

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A word of warning – this information was correct as of 2007.

You’re planning to go to Sibiu, you tell acquaintances in Bucharest. With the bus, you explain. “What do you want to go by bus for?” they ask incredulously. “The train takes 3 hours, it’s air-conditioned. Hell, it might even have Wi-Fi.” Read more about transport to Sibiu