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Romanian Pulp Fiction: Occident 15/11/2010

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Highly recommended film from director Cristian Mungiu. Compared to Pulp Fiction by the Guardian, Occident (“West”) interweaves three stories. In the first, a young couple, Luci and Sorina, are evicted from their apartment. Luci is in a race against time to win back his fiancée before she leaves him for a more promising life with a foreigner. The second story focuses on Mihaela. After she is jilted on her wedding day, her mother is desperate to find a replacement groom. Mihaela’s father, a policeman one week away from retirement, is the central character in the third. He agrees to help track down the friends and relatives of a young Romanian who died in Germany, but he is preoccupied with finding a husband for his daughter and moving back to his childhood village.

If one film captures Romania at the start of the new millennium, this is it. Discover a snapshot of a country in transition and find out just what Romanian policemen get up to on duty.