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More than a test drive 10/01/2016

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To paraphrase Iggy Azalea, you’ve got to work out whether a Romanian male is worth more than a test drive. To wit, Andrei from Episode 1 of Salvati Iubirea (Save love), a drama probably best described as a scripted reality TV show or simply badly acted and narrated.

But our focus is not the quality of the televisual entertainment but Doina’s dilemma.

Doina is married to Radu, has a son, Matei, and a better-looking lover, Andrei. She has decided that Andrei is the love of her life and leaves Radu for him, taking Matei with her. More on bad TV and Romanian men


A Romanian want ad 21/11/2014

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The psyche of a nation is revealed in its want ads – I hate to think what UK personals say about my country. In any case, here is an ad, posted on 20 November 2014 on a Romanian forum.
I’m looking for somebody
Hi my names XXX im looking for looking for a girl who doesnt have anywhere to live to live with me she wont have to pay rent or anything else I want from her just somebody to talk to and to help me a bit
Sound too good to be true?

A Romanian want ad

Want ad