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Designer luxury, made in Cisnadie 04/07/2017

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The Guardian reported on 17 June that luxury Italian shoes by Louis Vuitton are largely made in Cisnadie, a small town in Transylvania.

The shoes retail as “made in Italy” under EU law because the soles are added in Italy, where the shoes are “finished”. But all the other steps in the production process take place in Cisnadie.

Production is managed by an obscure subsidiary of LVMH, Somarest, and is shrouded in secrecy and high security. The factory employs some 700 people from the local area. The Guardian calculated that an employee would have to work for nearly half a year to save enough for a mid-range pair of Louis Vuittons.

But shifting production to Romania to cut costs is an old story. Romania is becoming the world’s back office. Translation technology provider SDL has an office in Cluj providing technical support and, I think, some development services (big thumbs up to Raluca for sorting out my licence problem in no time).