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Learning Romanian with Candy 02/11/2014

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Pop songs are a great way to start learning a language. Angry pop songs are even better. Let’s get down to telling that special someone what they really need to hear, with the help of girl group Candy.

Start learning Romanian with Candy.


Today’s Top Tip for Learning Romanian 02/05/2014

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Discover the power of să
As an undergraduate student, my German lecturer gave me a very useful piece of advice: when you’re trying to get to grips with a new word, try to work out first of all what part of speech it is.
Parts of speech include categories such as noun, verb, pronoun, adjective and adverb. But don’t worry – I’m not going to turn this into a grammar lesson.
A Romanian once gave me a top tip when I started learning Romanian: if you read , you’ll find a verb after it. And it’s going to appear quite soon after it.
is conjunction, and it can be very roughly translated as “to/that/for/so that”. The ă in is pronounced a little bit like the final sound in teacher.
If you want to talk about what you want to do, what you must do, what you are trying to do or why you’re trying to do it, you’ll probably need to use . Here are some examples:
Vreau să vă explic că… (I want to explain to you that…)
Trebuie să plecăm (We have to leave)
Încercăm să facem un copil (We’re trying for a baby; literally: we’re trying to make a baby)
Mi-aș dori să dau timpul înapoi (I’d like to turn back time)
In case you were wondering, the last two examples are top hits in Google searches.

Best resources for learning Romanian 10/02/2014

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My fellow Romanian blogger Sam cel Roman has written entertainingly about learning Romanian and bemoaned the lack of resources. I’m nowhere near as proficient at Romanian as he is, but I have found that there’s a good supply of resources if you know where to look, not to mention a host of things to explore online if you get creative. Read more about resources for learning Romanian