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Translating Romanian songs 30/03/2012

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My tutor at Aston University Christina Schäffner said once that “People don’t really translate pop songs anymore”. To which I say: Shakira. And follow up with: Tatu.
Now, I don’t claim that I can turn Romanian songs into “Hips Don’t Lie”. I’m not saying that I do a particularly good job at it. But I still think it’s worth a try.
Why? Well, I’m doing it for those English-speaking YouTube surfers who happen upon a catchy Romanian song. Sure, they don’t need to know the story, the words, in order to appreciate it. But I’m sure that one day, some of them – a few of them – might want to know what lies behind “Nu vreau banii tăi” (“I don’t want your money”) or similar.
Translation is something that few people feel passionate about. As a language undergraduate, I used to agree with other students who said that translation was the boring bit. (I’d like to re-assure Professor Schäffner that I’ve changed my mind.) But music people do get passionate about. So I hope that these song translations will spark comments and maybe even a few online debates about Romanian rock and pop.


I don’t want your money 22/01/2012

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Why translate manele? Because I can. It’s true: aside from commercial Romanian pop, song lyrics are beyond me. But manele I can just about manage. And because the world needs to know that the lyrics are so bad – even when it’s such fun.

Sorinel Copilul de Aur si Laura Vass feat. Susanu – I don’t want your money (Nu vreau banii tai)

2005 .. Guess who has returned to smash the charts… The Golden Boy… Laura Vass… And Susanu… And
Come on, let’s start the nervous system, maestros…
[Laura Vass]:
I don’t want your money, I’m not on the make
If you had been poor, I still would have chosen you Read the full lyrics for