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F***ing Romanians 22/06/2010

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Departures, Otopeni Airport, Bucharest, prior to refurbishment.
Before checking in, flight passengers had to have their luggage scanned. On this particular day, only two scanners were open to normal passengers. A lengthy queue had already built up. To the right of the scanners for passengers was a further scanner reserved for airline crew.

Seeing the large queue, the operative at the airline crew scanner would scan the luggage of some passengers, providing no airline crew needed to pass. His selection criteria were simple: the prettier the girl and the larger her bags, the better her chances of jumping the queue.

A group of German tourists in the queue (none meeting the quick-scan criteria) saw an attractive redhead get the quick scan treatment. Their reaction: “F***ing Romanians! Just slip them 10 euros in their hand…”

Far be it for me to attempt an exhaustive study of corruption in Romania.
Here are merely a few observations:

  1. In this case, 10 euros were not required.
  2. Maybe the scanner operative was just contributing to the smooth running of the airport?
  3. Otopeni airport has since been refurbished. Departing flight passengers no longer have to have their luggage scanned prior to check-in. So girls, there’s no point turning up at Departures looking lovely and hoping to queue-jump.

How to survive Otopeni Airport 03/02/2010

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You’re flying into Bucharest and landing at Otopeni Airport. The most important thing to remember is this: don’t take a taxi unless you really, really need to get into the city quickly, and you, or your company, have money to spend. Rumour has it there is an arrangement between the taxi companies and the management of the airport.
For this reason I’d recommend taking the bus into central Bucharest. Discover more about Otopeni Airport