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Lost on the London Underground – 1 Father 01/03/2014

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It’s every parent’s nightmare: losing your child on the Underground. Except it was the son who lost his father. This Guardian Experience report describes how a London-based Romanian lost his father on the Tube. His dad was visiting him from Romania, spoke no English and was missing for four days.

For me the big surprise is that the father didn’t encounter any Romanians on his wanderings and appeal to them for help.


Brutal Simplicity of Advertising 05/02/2014

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M&C Saatchi describe their approach as “Brutal Simplicity of Thought”. Maybe they could learn a thing or two from Prahova, one of the Romanian shops in Kingsbury, north-west London.

The store is packed full of Romanian produce. Behind the till you might spot a handwritten sign on cut-out stars: “Cash only” and the like. But occasionally the advertising is quite simply brutal simplicity distilled.

Avem palinca

This translates as “We have brandy.” Tuica is strong brandy, generally made with plums and frequently home brewed, but palinca, that’s the really strong stuff, double-distilled.