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My Romanian-language vlog of 2017 07/01/2018

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YouTuber MsAnneGreen is quite simply a beacon of hope. Watching her vlogs I am filled with a sense that, perhaps one day, Romania might become a better place. And she is never failingly entertaining.

MsAnneGreen, a PR graduate, has transformed herself into an online agony aunt for young Romanians, producing Sex Talks that answer questions such as, and I quote, can a guy lose his virginity if he has sex with a condom? She vlogs about making “bus friends” in her guide to travelling on Romanian buses (yes, you need them). She has quite an appetite and posts her video reviews of snacks sent in by her fans in other countries. Recently she’s opened up about 2017 being a difficult year for her own mental health. My all-time-favourite vlog has to be her hilarious and very accurate impressions of types of Romanian shop assistants.

But my vote for Romanian-language YouTube vlog of 2017 goes to Anne’s boyfriend, makadobra, who appears in some of her vlogs and provides a laugh-out-loud voiceover for a make-up tutorial she made. In his vlog “Mesaj pentru prieteni”, he rounds up a top five of frequent Romanian grammatical mistakes. He waxes lyrical as he calls upon Romanians to insert a comma after “la mulți ani” (“la mulți ani, mama… la mulți ani, România… la mulți ani, virgula!”), while at the same time owning up to occasionally making one or two of the other errors himself. He explains that if a young Romanian male texts “vrei sa vi la mine” to the object of his affections, he is unlikely to get anywhere. It is a wonderful piece of educational and entertaining theatre.

Bravo, Andrei! Here’s to Romanian YouTubers and commas everywhere.


Today’s Top Tip for Learning Romanian 02/05/2014

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Discover the power of să
As an undergraduate student, my German lecturer gave me a very useful piece of advice: when you’re trying to get to grips with a new word, try to work out first of all what part of speech it is.
Parts of speech include categories such as noun, verb, pronoun, adjective and adverb. But don’t worry – I’m not going to turn this into a grammar lesson.
A Romanian once gave me a top tip when I started learning Romanian: if you read , you’ll find a verb after it. And it’s going to appear quite soon after it.
is conjunction, and it can be very roughly translated as “to/that/for/so that”. The ă in is pronounced a little bit like the final sound in teacher.
If you want to talk about what you want to do, what you must do, what you are trying to do or why you’re trying to do it, you’ll probably need to use . Here are some examples:
Vreau să vă explic că… (I want to explain to you that…)
Trebuie să plecăm (We have to leave)
Încercăm să facem un copil (We’re trying for a baby; literally: we’re trying to make a baby)
Mi-aș dori să dau timpul înapoi (I’d like to turn back time)
In case you were wondering, the last two examples are top hits in Google searches.

When a Dog is a Chicken 08/03/2012

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Hiking around Lacul Văliug in Semenic park, I took a bumpy road that swung away from the lake and past a few very impressive villas – property porn Romanian style with Alpine influences. One villa even had its own outside bar complete with shading, where a group of men were relaxing over some beers. As I approached the final villa, I noticed a pile of something on the ground.

“Either that’s a blanket or a very large dog,”  I thought to myself. Read more about adventures in Semenic and the Romanian language