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Bills included 18/03/2013

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Language is constantly evolving. And there can be no better proof of this than the ads in the window of Mepani News, Kingsbury, London NW9. One of the adverts lists the particulars of a flat as:

Restul de biluri se impart cu nr. de persoane. 

The remaining bills are divided by the no. of people.

My good friend DEX dictionary recognises “biluri” only in the sense of a bill before the House of Parliament. Not your British Gas bill, water bill or any other bill. A search for “biluri” in Romanian web pages produced two hits in the London Romanian diaspora. One room in Queensbury sounds quite reasonable.



Welcome to Quinzburii, London NW9 21/08/2012

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I spotted the following Romanian advert in Mepani News, Kingsbury, London NW9:
De închiriat
Un dabăl în zona Quinzburii lângă Transilvania (cu internet)
Casa este renovată recent (condiţii bune). Valabil din 29 iulie
What’s special about Quinzburii?