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Ceausescu’s daughter, the eternal collateral victim 02/06/2012

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Zoia Ceausescu, the daughter of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, was subjected to pressure her entire life. From the outset, her destiny was in the hands of her parents, who wanted to control her and “arrange” her life. Even her name was politically motivated. Although he would later become an anti-Russian patriot, Nicolae Ceausescu named her Zoia in honour of the Soviet heroine Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, a partisan executed by the Germans. Born on 1st March 1949, Zoia entered adolescence just as her father was fighting to gain control over the Romanian Communist Party and the country. More about Ceausescu’s daughter


Securitate Television – evidence of the journalistic practices of Romanian TV stations 26/06/2011

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As the target of numerous press campaigns, I asked myself at the beginnings of my political career why I am attacked so often. As I began to understand a little how things work in politics and the press, I realised that there are two answers: either it is blackmail, or it serves a political interest. Read more about the media’s attacks on Elena Udrea

Post-communist bizarreness 28/12/2010

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The Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania has published the results of a new opinion survey about the regime described as “illegitimate and criminal” by President Traian Băsescu.1 Commentators have described the position of public opinion on the communist dictatorship as thoroughly “bizarre” and “ambivalent”. Read analysis of Romanian attitudes to the communist past