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Chickens’ Paradise 28/08/2011

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Chickens’ Paradise (Raiul găinilor) – a humorous, bittersweet slice of life in post-communist Romania by sociologist and author Dan Lungu. Read on


Onesti. Or welcome to small-town Romania 10/01/2010

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Oneşti is a pleasant, medium-sized town in Bacău County in eastern Romania. A new town built in the 1960s-1970s on the site of a village with the same name, it is a local commercial and administrative centre and the birthplace of the Olympic gymnast Nadia Comăneci. It is situated in the Trotuş valley and a cross that lights up by night overlooks the town from a surrounding hill.

There are perhaps three reasons why you may choose to visit it:

1) You’re in need of supplies. If you are a backpacker, camper or traveller and on a longer trip around Moldavia1 and on a tight budget, the message is simple: do as the locals do and head for the huge Metro supermarket on the outskirts of Bacău2. The same applies if you’re looking for hard-to-find items. The shops in Oneşti stock a limited range of over-priced goods. Example: in 2005, Dolce & Gabbana clothes were on sale in the mall, but there was only one shop selling tampons (the local supermarket Penny Market, ladies) and this is in town with a population of around 50,000. And if that doesn’t put you off, you better check the use-by dates.

If you can’t reach consumer heaven in Metro, your best bet is probably the main food market on Str. Tinereţului. Close by, you’ll also find a second market, allegedly mostly staffed by Moldovans, where you can buy clothes, bathroom products and manele cassettes.

One tip for gourmands: there is a coffee shop on Str. Mărăşeşti where the service may be surly but the chocolate-coated cherries are perhaps among the finest. To find it, head down Str. Mărăşeşti in the direction of Penny Market and you should see it on the left-hand side.

2) You’re in need of a party. If the thought of a night out in the chaos of Bucharest or Constanţa is too much for you, then Onesti may be just the thing. The House of Culture (Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor) frequently has live music and is also the venue for one of the local discos, Baby Star (sometimes known as Bebi Star) which offers a blend of international and Romanian pop, R’n’B and manele. For the more culturally minded, the library (biblioteca municipală “Radu Rosetti”) hosts regular events, including jazz evenings and French theatre. Other events include TiAmo children’s music festival.

3) You’re looking to start a business or recruit new employees. Oneşti has good road connections to major Romanian cities. Currently employment opportunities are limited, so many Oneşteni work abroad. Local website Onesti Online offers the ideal platform for marketing, whether you need to find local suppliers or advertise your business.

Need a place to stay?

On the outskirts of Oneşti, you’ll find a small selection of bed-and-breakfast establishments. If you ask a local for directions to a hotel, you’ll probably be directed to Hotel Trotus or the hotel as it is known in the town. Hotel Trotuş is a huge communist-era building that dominates the whole main boulevard. Centrally located, it’s ideal if you might be staggering out of the Baby Star disco. Local prostitutes prefer Hotel Sport on Bulevardul Republicii,
but don’t let that put you off. Slightly further from the centre, it’s a modern establishment offering well-furnished rooms with very decent bathrooms by Romanian standards.

1 The larger, historical region that Bacău County belongs to is called Moldavia and its unofficial capital is Iaşi. Confusion between the region Moldavia and the ex-Soviet Republic of Moldova results. For clarity, Romanians often refer to the Republic of Moldova as

2 Romania is divided into judete or counties. In most cases, the name of the county is the same as its administrative capital.