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I don’t want your money 22/01/2012

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Why translate manele? Because I can. It’s true: aside from commercial Romanian pop, song lyrics are beyond me. But manele I can just about manage. And because the world needs to know that the lyrics are so bad – even when it’s such fun.

Sorinel Copilul de Aur si Laura Vass feat. Susanu – I don’t want your money (Nu vreau banii tai)

2005 .. Guess who has returned to smash the charts… The Golden Boy… Laura Vass… And Susanu… And
Come on, let’s start the nervous system, maestros…
[Laura Vass]:
I don’t want your money, I’m not on the make
If you had been poor, I still would have chosen you Read the full lyrics for


Who is my heart? 26/08/2011

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Ah, manele! Sometimes it’s so bad, it’s good, especially when you have drama, passion and a duet from top-notch manelisti Sorinel “The Golden Child” and Laura Vass. You’ll find the video on YouTube, but comments have been disabled, probably due to the commentators’ foul language and vitriolic anti-gypsy tirades.

Sorinel Copilul de Aur (Sorinel “The Golden Child”) & Laura Vass – Cine e inima mea? (Who is my heart?)

What has happened, why don’t you want me anymore?
I know you love me, I can see in your eyes
Even if I cheated on you, today I’m sorry
I wish from my soul to be yours again

I believed in you but I deceived myself
I saw you with another girl when you were kissing
I’m not worthy of that, I loved you too much
I listened to your fake whispers of love

Who is my heart? Who is my love?
Tell me what made you leave my life
You’ve lied to me since I’ve know you, and I realised too late
Go on, go to her forever, I can’t put up with you any longer
I know that I’m your heart, I know that I’m your love
I will never ever leave your life my love
I’m asking for your forgiveness, my life, I’m asking for your forgiveness before you
And from my heart I promise you that I will not lie to you again
(Repeat chorus)

For whole nights I cried and my eyes burnt
Now you’re crying too and asking me to come back
You know that I loved you, but I can’t forgive you
You can say anything to me, but I no longer believe you

Why are you behaving so badly towards me now?
Do you want me to end up crying like a madman?
I know I messed up and I want you to forgive me
I’m guilty and you can (forgive me) so that you can scold me


Translation by Daisy Waites