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The State Romania Is In 19/01/2013

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Sibiu, Romania, one day in August in 2012
Many a time have I written, many a time have I said, that Traian Basescu is far from being the ideal president. The man is a champion of inadequacy, a fool with the habit of infuriating everyone, a mixture of sentimentalism and aggression, a brutish type, always in danger of making inappropriate gestures and declarations. For some time, I’ve realised, not without a certain perplexity, that I haven’t read him correctly. His political adversaries have succeeded in convincing me that, defects aside, the man is of almost cosmic proportions. (more…)


Googling Victor Ponta 01/09/2012

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What do Romanians search for when they Google Prime Minister Victor Ponta? This is a highly unrepresentative study, conducted on 25th August 2012, based on the suggestions from Google.ro

Ponta nascut (born) 3,660,000 hits
Ponta inaltime (high, height) 695,000 hits
Ponta varsta (age) 7,040,000 hits
Ponta youtube 14,600,000 hits
Ponta zodie (zodiac) 1,130,000 hits The full results of the Google Victor Ponta study