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Alina – Manele in translation 23/01/2010

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Manele – I know it’s bad and I shouldn’t like it, but I do. Here’s a sample of a typical manele song in translation.

Alina by Viorel Ciolac

I (x2):
I would spend all my money with the girl I like
And I would give it all to her to have her for a night

Chorus (x2):
Alina, Alina
I want you to be only mine
Alina, Alina
I will love you all my life

II (x2):
It doesn’t matter how I make money if I’m clever
All my enemies die of envy because I’m intelligent

Chorus (x2)

III (x2):
Many girls would like to have me for a night
But I can’t love them when I feel you’re close